A leather cover, which becomes more beautiful as you use it, and a simple notebook designed for smooth writing.
We designed this notebook to make of your travel companion.
Drop into a café, and use it to write down your feelings and thoughts.
The attractive leather cover with a rough texture is made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is made in a simple way: leather is tanned using plant-derived tannin and boldly cut, then a rubber thread is fixed with a tin clasp.
The rustic texture is self-assertive in an unobtrusive yet sophisticated way.
Note refills are TRC´s original diary paper, which are specially made for writing smoothly.
The run proof paper is designed for delicate writing and suitable for fountain pens. It is carefully made in Japan.

Simply holding the notebook in your hand and writing in it will give you pleasure.
The perfect size for carrying. You can put small maps and tickets in the notebook. Take this notebook and set out on a journey. A travel evokes vanishing landscapes and memories and brings ideas for a new story.Write them down during your trip,and they will surely come to be an invaluable treasure for you.With this notebook, spend your daily life as if you were traveling,You may be able to find new landscapes in everyday scenes.
A spirit that continues to move is called a “free spirit”.
We hope this notebook will help you find your free spirit.
You can find all the sizes, colors and refills in the Traveler´s Notebook section.