Only high quality paper can convey this innocence. The design of these notebooks resembles books, and are bound with great care. Again feel the pleasure of finding yourself in front of a blank paper. When you finish it will be a precious book for you, place it on a shelf next to your favorite volumes.

We know that find this quality paper is not easy, so you can find it here.

MD Paper (Midori Diary Paper).

For a long time we were testing fountain pen friendly papers. The paper used to write a diary, a notebook or an agenda is important and helps people write their bread and ideas comfortably. That's why Midori created the MD paper in 1960, as a type of original writing paper, made in Japan and that offers the best writing experience, resistance to ink and anti-transparency making it ideal for writing with any type of pencil or pen and as not with fountain pen. You can test the classical MD paper and the Cotton MD Paper, with an aditional cotton composition (30%)

DP Paper (Designphil Pocket book Paper)

DP paper was born in 2008 with an original formula of paper made in Japan special for pocket notebooks, which provides a smooth writing, and combines resistance to ink and anti-transparency with extremely thin pages, and can increase the number of them in the sheets with minimum thickness.