In the search for the perfect paper for fountain pen writing we find two Japanese firms of the highest quality, L! FE and Tsubame. Founded in Tokyo in 1946 and 1947 respectively, they managed to reach an identical point independently, a paper with a great softness that also does not let the ink pass though pens or pens with thick points. To achieve this, they do not resort to raising the grammage of the pages as some classic laid-back papers, but they do so by the formulation of their papers.

So just like the other great Japanese brand Midori designed his MD Paper, L! FE has made his highest range of notebooks in his "L" Paper.

The fame of Tsubame increased in the golden age of the cinema of Akira Kurosawa, who wrote his Scripts in the notebooks of this brand.

Find this paper outsido of Japan is difficult, but don't worry  in inktraveler we have the Japanese Notebooks and Pads section.

They are bound manually in Tokyo and employ traditional techniques such as cloth lining for the covers of their notebooks.

Without neglecting the world of paper, L! FE Stationery also brings us its details on a classic desk, such as leather penholders, ideal for transporting our pens, without renouncing a minimalist and very careful design.