Taccia is a Japanese brand of fountain pens, inks, and pen cases made with kimono fabrics.

It was founded in 2003 by Shu-Jen Lin in California, initially to offer fountain pens manufactured with Japanese decorative techniques, such as urushi lacquer, raden (mother-of-pearl), ebonite bodies, and minimalist designs exclusively in the US and Canada.

In 2011, the American division of the Japanese company Itoya acquired the brand and hired the founder herself as the Brand Manager of Itoya USA to ensure design and style continuity.

On April 1st, 2018, Taccia was acquired by the stationery firm Nakabayashi, founded in the 12th year of the Taisho era (1923) in Osaka. The acquisition by Nakabayashi not only continued the manufacturing of pieces with clear Japanese roots but also made interesting decisions, especially regarding the origin of their nibs.

From the beginning, Taccia's gold nibs were manufactured by the prestigious company Sailor, based in Kure (Hiroshima), while their steel nibs were made by Jowo.

Since Nakabayashi took over, they also entrusted Sailor with the manufacturing of their steel nibs, which are customized for Taccia with a bicolored design. Attention to detail is always appreciated, and Taccia fountain pens demonstrate such care. For example, the cap has an interior piece that ensures a perfect and tight fit with the help of a spring, the grip sections are lacquered with urushi in the same pattern as the body, and they even come with paulownia wood boxes, including kimonos, to protect the pens.

Additionally, Taccia offers a lifetime warranty on its fountain pens, showcasing their commitment to quality.

Particular mention should be given to some of their designs, like the interesting Taccia Covenant, which pays homage to the Yatates, or "travel brushes," displaying great personality in its connection to the predecessors of traveler's pens. Apart from fountain pens, Taccia also offers several lines of inks. Traditionally, Sailor was the company producing their inks, but currently, Sailor's name has disappeared from their packaging, and they are now manufactured by Teranishi Chemical Industry Co. Lmtd., a company with roots in Osaka, founded in 1916, and with a century-long experience in writing inks and pigments.

Taccia also produces pen cases to protect fountain pens, featuring two classic fabrics used in kimono weaving: nishijin (silk used in luxury kimonos) with intricate traditional motifs and chirimen (Japanese crepe) in solid colors. As Taccia initially focused on the North American market, it remained relatively unknown to the general public. However, with the inclusion in Nakabayashi, it is now possible to enjoy their designs through inktraveler from anywhere in the world.