nobuyoshi1.jpgIn Japanese the fountain pen translation is mannenhitsu (万年 筆) or what is the same, the brush of ten thousand years, with such a declaration of intentions it is not surprising that his devotion to the art of fine calligraphy is transferred to the manufacture of beautiful and precise instruments to make it, and help the writer to achieve his domain. The pen becomes the extension of the body and soul, establishing a very personal relationship with what is expressed through him, in a way that can not be emulated even today, in the XXI century with no modern advancement.

Lasting beyond time, the fountain pen remains the purest medium of self-expression.

The legendary nib master Nobuyoshi Nagahara was working in Sailor, who for almost six decades turned his passion into art. Following the family tradition Yukio Nagahara personally directs and supervises the design process of the Sailor nibs, as well as creating a series of exclusive nibs for the limited editions of the brand. These pens are, like the man who made them by hand, unique in design, character and personality. From his hands come fountain pens as interesting as those who wear their Naginata-Togi, inspired by the Naginata swords, and which provide a variety of strokes in their writing depending on angles of inclination and pressure, or Sai-bi Togi, specially created for the pleasure of fine writing.

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