Namiki" is the surname of Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of the Pilot Corporation.

The Namiki brand rose to prominence in the early 20th century when Dunhill retailed in the west the Maki-e decorated fountain pens produced by Pilot under the "Dunhill-Namiki" brand name.

Most fountain pens were made of ebonite, a material that combines sulfur and rubber. However, ebonite changes color and loses its shine over the years. Aware of this, Namiki Co. Ltd. (now "Pilot Corporation") began testing different methods and materials to overcome the problem. After a few tries, they discovered that the Urushi coating could tolerate deterioration and make the pens more durable.

They also began painting designs on the bodies of the pens, using the maki-e technique, a process that Pilot would later patent.

Today, the Namiki artisans continue to manufacture fountain pens with care and dedication, making unique pieces, suitable for the most demanding users.