Plumin sailor

In 1911, Mr. Kyugoro Sakata, a respected engineer from Hiroshima, was introduced for the very first time to a fountain pen. The fountain pen was demonstrated by a British sailor who was visiting Japan at the time. Mr.Sakata was so impressed by the design and function that he made the decision there and then to produce such fine products in his country.

He was determined to make the most elegant and sophisticated writing instruments with the highest level of specification and writing perfomance available anywhere else in the world. And so it was that The Sailor Pen Company was started in Hiroshima  prefecture where the factory is still to this day.

The Sailor Pen Company has proudly maintained this heritage of quality and technical perfection over the many years it has existed and still today it offers the customer a unique variety of writing instruments which are renowned for their quality and performance and carry the special lifetime guarantee of writing pleasure and excellence.

For over a century Sailor has not lost its most important identity, the special care of the nibs, designed by legendary nibsmasters , as Nobuyoshi Nagahara and Yukio, who seek the pleasure of writing.

Caring for both materials and design, we find beautiful fountain pens as kokután wood (ebony) or tagasayán (iron wood), and lacquered handmade craft technique of maki-e.

When you buy a Sailor fountain pen, takes a writing instrument of the highest quality that holds more than a century of experience and will ensure you pleasure from the moment you draw the first letter. Click for find finest Sailor fountain pens.