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Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki
  • Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki
  • Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki
  • Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki

Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki

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Taccia ink


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Ukiyo-e —translated from Japanese, "paintings of the floating world"— or Japanese print is a genre of engravings made by woodcut technique, produced in Japan between the 17th and 20th centuries, among which are images landscape, theater and entertainment areas.

Taccia takes the most iconic prints of the Ukiyo-e genre as a base, extracting the colors used for his most personal series of inks for fountain pens.

There are four collections Hokusai, Sharaku, Hiroshige and Utamaro.

All inks are made under the highest quality standards supervised by a color consultant in Japan and manufactured at our facility.

Volume: 40ml


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Great discovery and unique color

Reviews of this ink don’t do it justice, I think it is one that you can only appreciate fully by using it yourself. A chameleon ink that can appear more brown or pink depending on the pen and paper used. Yet it always looks classy in a vintage-like way. I’m grateful for this graciously gift that I would not have thought getting for myself (despite owning other Taccia inks) and highly recommend it!

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Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki

Taccia Utamaro Umemurasaki

Taccia ink